3D Yoga Adventure

The 3D Yogis and Yoginis is an introduction to yoga.  It is an easy way to develop your intention, alignment and strength.  Each Figurine is made ergonomically correct to give you the details needed to learn each of the 16 different yoga poses included in box .  Breathe deep and hold each pose for 3-5 breaths as you allow your body to relax and become still.

When creating the product the founder had all types of beginners in mind.  The visual you receive when using the set brings immediate gratification and understanding.  Students with learning disabilities have a much easier time with the set and can be very stimulated when using it.

Teachers working with their students can utilize the set for games or lessons that focus on connecting to body, mind and spirit.  The set of figurines allows students to work alone or in groups finding a way to become the yoga pose.  The set also helps to personalize the yoga journey for the student by giving them a more hands-on user friendly approach.

Yoga is an amazing tool for developing or strengthening mental and physical skills.  It gives us a way to connect with who we are and what we wish to become.  Take the time to breathe, relax and become healthy.  When you align your body, mind and spirit anything is possible.

Peace and Namaste,

3D Yogi