Yoga is a Breath of Fresh Air

The years have passed since 1990, a time when I first experienced yoga. After reading a book I found called “A Teacher’s Guide for Beginning Yoga” by Vijayendra Pratap I set out on a journey.

From the very beginning Yoga set my intention on breathing and self awareness that I had never experienced before. It was a very positive experience that transcended me to a higher place, reawakening my body, mind and spirit. In years past I spent too much time breathing shallow breaths and overthinking of past and future outcomes while not being conscious of the present moment. I was exhausted from improper management of my God given tools.

Once I found Yoga the realization and freedom began. Once I committed fully to the Yoga practice I was able to realize the truth of who I was and how my energy was managed or mismanaged. Every part of life is changed with the added practice of Yoga. What you eat, drink and put in your body becomes more relevant. How you rest or manage your time becomes more efficient. The way you see yourself changes with a higher command of purpose and a deeper understanding of true potential. With a strong plan and clear objective we achieve goals more frequently and in a shorter amount of time. Without chaos we create freedom and instinctively pursue our dreams. Realization and manifestation occur from our belief in self.

Yoga is the gift that keeps giving. There has never been a time where we needed it more in our lives than the new Coronavirus Pandemic era. In isolation we must find confidence and peace of mind. We must continue strengthening our bodies with intentional breathing and extended movement as well as calm stillness. Yoga brings you closer to yourself and your beliefs. It allows you to find space and time for reflection. Take a moment and find your space and your truth. Nothing is more important than your ability to be at peace with yourself and others.

Breathe deep, let go, find stillness and flow