Raymond’s idea for yoga figurines was sparked in a rather unlikely place and a very interesting time.  His passion for yoga training and teaching was at its peak and his top priority was to help others understand the difference yoga could make in their lives.  When seeing the toy soldier, he was suddenly hit by inspiration. He thought it would be great to create a yogi or yogini figurine doing a yoga pose. He imagined this to be the one most effective way to teach yoga poses to beginners.

Raymond has spent many years practicing a variety of yoga styles.  When teaching yoga he utilizes his experience and knowledge to connect students to their own personal needs.  He enjoys practicing a vigorous Vinyasa Flow that he mixes with a relaxing Restorative style for deep stretching at end.

The main idea of yoga is to do what is best for you.  Practice, learn and develop at a pace that makes you happy.  Love and respect for yourself will help you find what you are looking for.  Non Judgement, Non Attachment, Non Reaction and Self Reliance are the simple suggestions that we all can grow from.